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After studying the basic elements of lift, playing with computer simulations like TBDP, Profili and X-Foil for a few months, I started to learn a few things about airfoils. First, for airfoils, rules are hard to come by because the various resultants tors seem to be co dependant. modifying some factors changes what I thought was a rule about another factor., (lift, drag, Center of lift For example: increasing the thickness ratio seemed to increase lift. But… in some cases, the addition of camber to the foil, negates that nice easy simple rule. : (

The first great challenge I found was the limited nature of the lift equations. Cl and Cd are both affected by changes in Reynolds Number, and Reynolds number is affected by velocity. So the so called constants are not constant.

Now that being said I have found some very basic rules of thumb.

Under Construction
Cl – Coefficient of Drag
Cd – Coefficient of Drag

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