What is a Module?

Turkstra Modular Builders is a Design/Build construction company that builds office buildings. So what is a Module?

A module is a preassembed group of parts. It could be a furnace, a light fixture, or a cabinet. Or it could be a larger group of parts such as a wall or a floor or a room or even a group of rooms.

At Turkstra, we utilize a controlled factory environment in our building process. We create large sections of the building (called Modules) in our plant and ship them to the construction site, to be set installed in place and assembled with the site constructed portions of the building.

Most people who higher a Mechanical contractor would expect the contractor to show up at the house a preassembled furnace and install it. Few would expect the contractor to show up at your door with several boxes of raw materials, and construct your furnace. At Turkstra, we preassemble more than just furnaces. We apply that same principle to as many aspect of the building as possible. Floors, walls roofs and even rooms, plumbing, Electrical. Just like the furnace people, we have a process in which buildings components are custom constructed in a controlled factory environment and then shipped to the building site for installation.

As modules are being constructed, site work commences to install foundation, utilities and initial site grading. The modules are then transported to the job site and installed before applying final interior and exterior finishes and connecting utilities. The final step is site grading, concrete work and landscaping. This concurrent schedule results in a shorter construction timeline and earlier occupancy.

Permanent Modular Construction is an equivalent alternative to traditional site based construction methods. Modular Buildings can be wood, steel or concrete and are built to the same building codes using the same materials. The primary benefit is the significantly streamlined construction process, but permanent modular construction is also resource efficient with a reduced environmental impact.

The modular construction process has undergone fundamental advancements throughout the years. Permanent modular buildings are capable of delivering greater design and construction quality per unit of time and expense than site-built construction. Permanent modular buildings provide the same quality, appearance and design flexibility of site-built construction. The only difference is the superior construction method and of course the speed. Structures can be traditional or highly customized utilizing standard materials or custom finishes. We can provide small single story buildings and large multi-story complexes. Many of our permanent modular construction customers choose to purchase the buildings, but HMB Leasing does offer long-term leasing arrangements in some cases.

Whether you’re planning, budgeting or in need of immediate modular construction, Turkstra is available to assist with all your modular construction needs.

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Turkstra Modular Builders has been designing and building commercial and municipal office buildings for customers across Canada since 1995. Turkstra is a Design/Build construction company.

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