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Temporary/Relocatable buildings have the benefits of speed and flexibility. They can be used as additions to existing structures or stand-alone buildings. We build our Temporary Buildings to accommodate heavy snow loads and other variables so that they are not site specific and can be easily disassembled, relocated and reconfigured for various other uses. Modular buildings can be uninstalled and reused elsewhere with less effort than most site built structures because the construction process necessitates dividing the structure into manageable sections.

These sections are constructed in a controlled factory environment. In the event of a new temporary building, site work to install foundation and utilities starts while the modules are being constructed. If the modules are pre-existing, they may need to be modified. Either way, after the foundation is ready, the modules are then transported to the job site and installed, the utilities are connected and then final interior and exterior finishes are applied. Depending on the use, some degree of site grading, and landscaping may be needed to finish the project. This limited site process results in a relatively short construction time-line and results in a relatively quick occupancy.

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Relocatable buildings are particularly beneficial for organizations with changing office space needs, such as school districts with fluctuating enrollment or Residential sales centers that can be transferred to new subdivisions based on need. Temporary buildings are often used for a specific time period while permanent space is being built or renovated. This may be an office building that is undergoing major renovations or a medical clinic that is being rebuilt after a natural disaster. We often provide temporary space and then work with the same client for their permanent space needs.

Some people dismiss the possibility of temporary/relocatable modular buildings because they envision a construction trailer from the 1950s. Although many customers still use very basic buildings, the industry has advanced significantly over the last several decades.

We have provided temporary buildings from 64 sq ft to 5,000 square feet. Uses ranged from a used car sales office to a military hospital. Many of our temporary buildings have had finishes like steel siding, while others have wood, vinyl siding and even brick face.

Turkstra Trailers and HMB Leasing are our partner, and they offer rentals and leasing of our temporary buildings.

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