Permanent Buildings FAQ

Q: What makes a building permanent?
A: Most buildings are changed and updated to keep up with the times. TMB has built a few hospital wings, but even hospitals get demolished from time to time. So no building is truly permanent. The pyramids have stood for a long time, much longer than most buildings, but even they could be destroyed, if the wrong person was left in charge. So the real answer is that the user decides what is permanent.

Q: Can a Modular Building be upgraded?
A: Many of our customers have changed their minds on the use of the building after a few years in. Any building can be modified, and a modular building is no different. In some cases, a Modular Building is easier to modify than a site built building. If you want to discuss a specific modification, please contact the office.

Q: What is the Expected Life Cycle of materials and components?

Building Component Material Description Life Expectancy (in years)
Framing Wood Framing 50-70
Roof Finish Single Ply PVC Membrane 20-27
Exterior Finish Pre-painted steel siding, trims 30-35
Exterior Doors Painted steel doors in steel frames 50+
Exterior Windows Vinyl framed 30-35
Exterior Sealants Silicone 5-7
Foundation Dry stack concrete on compacted granular 30+
Interior Ceiling Suspended metal grid with mineral tiles 20-24
Interior Walls Gypsum wall board with vinyl finish 25-30
Interior Floors Light commercial rolled vinyl sheet goods 10-17
Cabinetry & Mill Work Plastic laminate over particle core 20+25
Plumbing Fixtures China 25-50
HVAC System Split system, central heat and air conditioning 10-15
Hot Water Heater Light commercial fixture 15-20
Ventilation Systems Ventilation fans and heat or energy recovery 10-15
Electrical Fixtures Fluorescent and incandescent fixtures 10-15
Life Safety Smoke detection and alarm systems 10-15

Life expectancies are based on individual components with proper maintenance and periodic repairs. Life expectancies were sourced from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

Q: How long does a Modular Building last?
A: All buildings require maintenance. A modular building is no different. If properly maintained, there is no reason a modular building won’t last 100 years or longer. Styles change. Needs change. The purpose for a building rarely last 50 years, so most of the time the building will outlast its originally intended purpose. The real answer is “as long as the user wants”.

Q: Does Turkstra build temporary or permanent buildings?
A: Our main work is on permanent buildings, but we have built many temporary buildings over the years. We can do either, depending on your needs.

Q: Can you do “THIS”?
A: While the “THIS” is always different, most of the time the answer is yes. Often the “THIS”s are not optioned because “THIS” is cost prohibitive. At Turkstra we understand that you wanted a “THIS” for a reason, and if we understand why you want a “THIS”, we normally can suggest a “THAT” that is more cost effective and achieves the needed function of the “THIS”. If you want to discuss a specific “THIS” or “THAT”, please contact the office

Q: What does it cost?
A: Most people not knowledgeable about construction significantly underestimate the cost of a building or a renovation. Building materials cost money, and trades cost money. Cost will depend on the product selection, but modular construction is not an inexpensive construction technique. Modular builders carry the costs of the labour and materials and also carry the cost of a manufacturing plant. Modular construction is superior because it is faster and has higher quality control.

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